If you are buying a home, call or email me when you start thinking of purchasing your home. If we meet before you make an offer, I can provide you with additional knowledge and tips to help alleviate the questions that may arise when you're viewing your dream home and want to make an offer.

Once an offer has been made, I’ll work with you to draft a purchase and sale contract or review the one drafted by your realtor. We will review this in detail so your questions are answered and you understand what you are signing. For most people, this is the biggest purchase you’ll make in your life so it’s important to have a trusted attorney by your side.

While you are working with your lender, realtor, home inspectors (if you have them), I’ll be in the background searching the title to your property at least back forty years in the land records. Did you know each town or city in the State of Vermont has its own land records? Once I search title, I write up a title opinion that I’ll provide to you and your lender, if you have one. I’ll also identify any issues that need to be resolved to give you clear and marketable title. I do this by contacting the seller’s attorney and working with title insurance underwriters to resolve the issues. I will also make you aware of them and how I intend to resolve them.

While you’re packing up to move into your new home, I’ll be working with your lender and the seller’s attorney to prepare all the documentation that you’ll sign at closing even title insurance. We’ll work together to set up a closing date, time and location (preferably my office for access to my workspace) for a closing. Then the big day arrives! It’s closing day. You’ll arrive at my office and sign lots of paperwork, your signing hand will be tired, your signature a little worn half way through signing, but all the while, you’ll be meeting the sellers, talking with your realtor and myself. We’ll send you home with a copy of everything you signed (via encrypted email or paper copy). You’re done! The hard part is over…. now you can enjoy moving into your new home!



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